AUMBI (Absolute USB MultiBoot Installer”)

AUMBI “Absolute USB MultiBoot Installer” is a tool for copy a Operating system from ISO file to USB Key.
This tool make easy install or test of your favourite Linux Operating system.
The Portable Linux operating system it can be run from any PC and independently can select the type of architecture, among other things, that way you could use a Linux distribution even in persistent mode, which preserves your files.


Download AUMBI 2020.2.exe from Gumroad (Recommended)
Download AUMBI-2020.2.exe from Github
Download Source code(zip)
Download Source code(tar.gz)

Translate AUMBI

AUMBI has support for multiple languages, however it is currently only available in Spanish and English.

If you want to participate in the translation of AUMBI, you can edit the language file:



You can contribute to development through github.